Talent Management

The world of work is changing rapidly and in Japan the official retirement age is likely to extend to 65 in the near future. Companies must reeducate the “Senior Class” employees and create roles that suit their experience and expertise. Employees in their 40s and 50s must expect to be continuously challenged to prove their value and expertise to the company. The generation in their 20s and 30s must understand the environment around them today, and foresee what awaits them 10 years from now, and plan their career and skills accordingly. At Right Management, we offer talent management services to provide our clients with the best possible solution in training, skill development, evaluation & selection, and optimization.

1. Talent Development / Organization Development

Creating organizational success by engaging and energizing individuals by showing them clear career paths

Talent acquisition methods are changing and diversifying, and companies must continually update their strategy to attract, develop, engage, and retain the best available talent. Candidates expect clear career paths within the company, and providing them, companies are able to harness independent, talented people able to “think - make a decisions – and take action”.

2. Leadership Training & Assessment

Identifying organizational challenges and needs in order to meet clients’ business goals.

Identifying and developing leaders for your business are not easy. It requires clear understanding of the company’s strategy, culture and values as well as the demands of the current market and economic environment.

Right Management’s leader development program starts with discussion with management stakeholders to identify the ideal leadership traits and competencies currently required in the clients’ company. Right Management will then propose and deliver development support to meet client expectations.

3. HR consulting

FProviding full support from strategy building to implementation

Right Management will help you build specific HR strategy and system to match your needs, clarifying what talent profile is needed in each role in order for your company to meet its business goals.


We help organizations implement the human resource strategies needed for sustainable growth.

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Pioneer in Japanese Outplacement Services
Organization Development & Training Professional “Right Management”

Right Management is a global outplacement, employee training, and organizational development company. It is 100%-owned by the Manpower Group, which has 2,600 offices in 80 different countries. In the outplacement business, Right Management has supported over 3.5 million people around the world. Business in Japan started in 1994. Until then, outplacement support was virtually unknown in Japan. Right Management became a pioneer of the industry, specializing in Japanese style reemployment support. In Japan, over 70,000 people have found their new paths through us.

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